Mock up

IMG_0920 IMG_0921


Ones of my design’s mock up with full scale. This idea not my final design but the shape is still same. Material for this mock up is mounting board.


The last but not least

c last design

This might be my last design for my project but still have to add on some function that me and my supervisor have been discussed on yesterday.

c last design back view

This is the back view of my design. More sketches can visit on my “Work” page.

Idea development 2

c IMG_0841

This is the idea development of my FYP topic, but still have to develop some design on sketches. In addition, I have to research the distance between the middle of the air conditioning to support my design.

c rendering

The 3D modeling of product I have been done by using Rhino software. More sketches can visit on my “Work” page.

Idea haven’t finalize yet…

Today consultation is still discussed with my design. I have two method of my design, one is window use and one is the product put on air conditioner and pump out the air from the automotive air conditioning system. My supervisor and I are considered to chosen the design that device are put on the air conditioning. So I have to do idea development from my sketches on this week…