The interior of car parked under the sun is hotter than the outside of the car


The interior of car is hotter than the outside temperature if it’s been parked under sunlight for a period of time. The sun’s rays enter through the car’s windows. Some of the heat from the sun is absorbed by the seats, the dashboard, the carpeting and floor mats. When those objects release the heat, it doesn’t all get out through the windows and some is reflected back in. The heat radiated by the seats is a different wavelength than the light of the sun that made it through the windows in the first place, and the window glass would not let as much of that wavelength through. The result is a gradual increase in the temperature inside our car. On this moment, most of the passenger will turn on the air-conditioner as soon as they enter the car. This reaction may causes the passenger to get cancer by benzene(toxic).


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